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Bones : A Manhwa Worth Your Time


Bones” is a captivating manhwa (Korean comic) that has garnered significant attention from readers worldwide. It is celebrated for its superb art, engaging storyline, and intricate character development. However, it has faced criticism due to its initial translation quality, which some readers found almost unreadable. Despite this, the core of “Bones” holds great promise, blending fantasy elements with deep, compelling narratives.

Plot Summary

Set in a world where humans coexist with supernatural beings, “Bones” centers around a powerful and mysterious artifact known as the “Bone.” This artifact bestows immense power upon its wielder, but at a steep cost. The wielder must confront their inner demons and face the repercussions of their choices.

The protagonist, Eun, accidentally discovers the Bone, which thrusts him into a world of treacherous alliances and dangerous enemies. As various factions vie for control of the Bone, each with their own hidden agendas, Eun must navigate this perilous landscape. The narrative delves into his journey as he unravels the mysteries of the Bone, confronting both external threats and his own inner turmoil.

Art and Illustration

One of the standout features of “Bones” is its art. The manhwa boasts detailed and visually stunning illustrations that bring its fantastical world to life. Each panel is meticulously crafted, showcasing the artist’s ability to blend dynamic action scenes with moments of quiet introspection. The visual style enhances the storytelling, making the reading experience immersive and engaging.

bones asura scans

Translation Challenges

Despite its artistic brilliance, “Bones” initially suffered from poor translation, which hindered readers’ ability to fully appreciate the story. The dialogue was often awkward and confusing, detracting from the overall experience. However, this issue has been addressed with the intervention of Asura Scans.

Bones Asura Scans: Elevating the Manhwa Experience


Asura Scans is a prominent platform where enthusiasts can read manga, manhwa, and manhua online for free. As one of the largest webcomics communities globally, Asura Scans has made significant contributions to the accessibility and enjoyment of various comics by offering high-quality translations and a diverse range of content.

Mission and Vision

Asura Scans is dedicated to bringing readers well-translated and accessible webcomics. Their mission is to enhance the reading experience by providing accurate and engaging translations that stay true to the original material. By doing so, they ensure that readers can fully appreciate the story, characters, and artistic nuances of each work.


Content Offerings

The platform boasts a vast library of comics, including:

  • Manga: Japanese comics covering a wide array of genres from action and adventure to romance and slice-of-life.
  • Manhwa: Korean comics known for their unique storytelling and art styles. “Bones” is one such example.
  • Manhua: Chinese comics that often explore intricate plots and vibrant visuals.

Asura Scans specializes in translating Korean and Chinese comics into English, making them accessible to a global audience. Their commitment to quality ensures that readers can enjoy these works without the barriers posed by poor translation.

The Impact of Asura Scans on “Bones”

Improved Translation Quality

With Asura Scans taking over the translation of “Bones,” the manhwa has seen a marked improvement in readability and overall enjoyment. The dialogue is now coherent and engaging, allowing readers to immerse themselves fully in the story. This enhancement has significantly increased the manhwa’s popularity and reader base.

Accessibility and Reach

By offering “Bones” on their platform, Asura Scans has made it easier for fans to access the manhwa. The user-friendly interface and organized library help readers find and follow their favorite series with ease. This increased accessibility has contributed to the growing community of “Bones” enthusiasts.

Exploring Other Manhwa on Asura Scans

For those who enjoy “Bones,” Asura Scans offers a plethora of other manhwa that might pique their interest. Here are some notable recommendations:

1. I Shall Live as a Prince

While not a typical fantasy manhwa, this series offers a wholesome and engaging narrative. It follows the life of a prince navigating various challenges and adventures, providing a delightful read for those who enjoy character-driven stories.

2. Worthless Regression

This manhwa explores themes of reincarnation and personal growth. The protagonist’s journey to uncover their true potential is both captivating and thought-provoking, making it a must-read for fans of introspective and philosophical narratives.

3. Swordmaster’s Youngest Son

For fans of swordplay and adventure, this manhwa delivers action-packed scenes and compelling character development. It follows the youngest son of a renowned swordmaster as he carves his own path in a world filled with danger and intrigue.

4. Standard of Reincarnation

In a world where reincarnation is common, the protagonist faces unique challenges and uncovers secrets from past lives. This manhwa combines elements of fantasy and mystery, offering readers a gripping and immersive experience.

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5. Relife Player

This series introduces a fascinating concept where characters experience different lives through a virtual reality system. The story is filled with twists and thought-provoking moments, exploring the implications of living multiple lives.

6. Reaper of the Drifting Moon

A dark and atmospheric tale, this manhwa delves into the duties of a reaper and the mysteries surrounding their existence. It’s a gripping read for those who enjoy exploring the supernatural and existential themes.

7. Heavenly Inquisition Sword Existence

Set in a world where swordsmanship holds immense power, this manhwa features intriguing plot twists and intense battles. It’s perfect for readers who appreciate well-crafted action and deep lore.

FAQs about “Bones Asura Scans”

1. What is “Bones” about?

“Bones” is a fantasy manhwa that follows Eun, a young man who discovers a powerful artifact known as the Bone. The story revolves around his journey as he navigates dangerous alliances and confronts both external threats and his own inner demons.

2. Why was “Bones” criticized initially?

“Bones” faced criticism due to its poor translation quality, which made the dialogue almost unreadable and detracted from the overall story.

3. How has Asura Scans improved “Bones”?

Asura Scans has significantly enhanced the translation quality of “Bones,” making the dialogue coherent and engaging. This improvement has made the manhwa more accessible and enjoyable for readers.

4. What types of comics does Asura Scans offer?

Asura Scans offers a wide range of comics, including manga, manhwa, and manhua. They specialize in translating Korean and Chinese comics into English, providing readers with high-quality and accessible content.

5. How can I access “Bones” and other manhwa on Asura Scans?

You can access “Bones” and other manhwa by visiting the Asura Scans website. The platform has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to find and follow your favorite series.

6. Are there any similar manhwa to “Bones” on Asura Scans?

Yes, Asura Scans offers several manhwa that fans of “Bones” might enjoy, including “I Shall Live as a Prince,” “Worthless Regression,” “Swordmaster’s Youngest Son,” and more. Each series offers unique stories and captivating narratives.

7. Is Asura Scans free to use?

Yes, Asura Scans allows users to read a wide variety of comics for free, making it an excellent resource for comic enthusiasts.

8. What makes a good translation in manhwa?

A good translation accurately conveys the original meaning, tone, and nuances of the dialogue while ensuring readability and engagement for the audience. It preserves the integrity of the story and enhances the overall reading experience.


“Bones” is a manhwa that exemplifies the fusion of captivating storytelling and stunning artwork. Despite its initial translation challenges, the intervention of Asura Scans has breathed new life into the series, making it a must-read for fantasy enthusiasts. Asura Scans continues to be a valuable platform for comic readers, offering a vast library of well-translated and engaging content. Whether you are a fan of “Bones” or looking to explore new manhwa, Asura Scans is a gateway to a world of exciting adventures and compelling narratives.

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